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Individual Therapy

Seeking individual therapy can be very helpful. Individual therapy provides you with the attention provided by Steven completely. He will sit across from you and he wants you to “be yourself.” Sit whichever you like, feel comfortable to share, and express when you feel ready. Steven will be your guidance and provide you with useful, meaningful insights and, of course, with helpful psychotherapy techniques that could help you to explore further inside.


Couples/Marriage Therapy

Seeking couples/marriage therapy can be helpful. The effective communication is essential in successful therapy. Developing assertive listening skills will empower you both to learn even more about yourself and about your partner/spouse. Expressing anger feelings are normal but assertive listening is required in therapy so that both of you can learn how to deal with such emotions you both experiences together.

Validating each other is critical, but developing new communication skills to work out on issues both of you may have in therapy are also important. Steven will provide you with helpful psychological techniques and with the meaningful insights for you both to resolve the issues and/or the areas of concerns you both may have.

The ultimate goal in the couples/marriage therapy is not just to “learn how to get along with each other,” but rather to find meaningful ways for you both to express each other whichever you find comfortable and useful – even in disagreements.


Family Therapy

Seeking family therapy can be helpful. Resolving such disagreements between your child(ren) and with your partner/spouse can be helpful, but mostly important the collaboration in family therapy is essential in successful therapy. Steven will help you and your child(ren) to breakdown such barriers of disagreements with mental health care.

The goal in family therapy is to seek healthy collaboration of each other, and to validate the disagreements from each other in healthy ways. Find useful ways to express your feelings (and about yourself) in right directions, and with right goals. Learn more about each other is better, and is healthy, and ultimately will lead more happiness in your home!